Because They All Got the Bigger Problems

Dear self, I have never talked to my friends or family about certain personal problems because I know, they would always say, “Someone’s got a bigger problem than you!” “Get a life! I’m even crawling on my problems now and I’m standing up so you should too!” Yes! I only got to listen to different…… Continue reading Because They All Got the Bigger Problems

HALAD Music Video

HALAD Words and Lyrics: Frenyx Tarongoy Performed by: Frenyx Tarongoy, Revan Sinadjan, Shine Padayogdog, Flor La Rosa, Emmy Corpus   An entry for the Sinulog 2017 Music Video Contest Directed by: Frenyx Tarongoy and Hannah Gabiana Director of Photography: Ariel Uy In cooperation with Antolihaw Recording Studio