Top 15 Favorite Moments in Horror Movies

WEAK WRITING: Horror movies are my thing, but I’m not pretending to be hardcore. Some scenes just make me feel thirsty for colored drinks (Do you experience the same thing?). Others are not actually funny, but they make me laugh (Okay, I’m a weirdo). There are so many AMAZING movies. I just remembered these as…… Continue reading Top 15 Favorite Moments in Horror Movies

HALAD Music Video

HALAD Words and Lyrics: Frenyx Tarongoy Performed by: Frenyx Tarongoy, Revan Sinadjan,¬†Shine Padayogdog,¬†Flor La Rosa, Emmy Corpus   An entry for the Sinulog 2017 Music Video Contest Directed by: Frenyx Tarongoy and Hannah Gabiana Director of Photography: Ariel Uy In cooperation with Antolihaw Recording Studio

Abi Nakog Ako

Hi uy! Nag fineeler baya ko sa SWU katong gi invite ko ug friend nga mo perform sa ilang gitawag ug Poetry Night. Ang ilang theme kay “Tag-gub-tob” meaning, Heartbeat. Mao to naka ingon kos akong self, “Unsa diay akong kantahon? ‘Heartbeat’ by Carrie Underwood?” Hahahaha… mao to, naka realiz ko nga mo perform na…… Continue reading Abi Nakog Ako