Flower Woman

I was in the office getting ready for my last class that starts at 7pm. There were only three of us in the office, and the other two teachers were busy checking papers. 

At the far corner of the office, I noticed that something was missing. Breaking the silence, I said, “You know, I haven’t seen the old woman today… It’s weird to not see her standing there” pointing to the corner of the dark area near the couch.

“What woman?” the co-teacher asked me.  I didn’t know what’s on my mind, but I accidentally shared a little secret. I could often see an old lady in white with the flowery prints standing at the corner. I couldn’t describe all the details and she’s all blurry to me that she would just fade out in thin air in a glance.  

Well for me, I may have just been playing with my imagination…  I’m always good with weird imaginations. I’m not scared of ghosts, I didn’t even believe in them, until I was invited for dinner with my co-teachers. They asked me about the old woman.  

I told them about that “flower woman” how she’s slim and old, but I couldn’t see the face because yeah… She fades away real quickly. Then they asked me if I knew this certain person, who was a teacher (I forgot the name), and of course, I said I have no idea. They said she was slim, old, and loves flower prints. 

I was feeling a bit uneasy with their description because THEY MATCHED like homaygash! They also said that she died in that same office… heart attack… And her station used to be where the couch is now.

Days passed and life was normal (Yes, I could still see the fading woman at her station). One teacher would let her grandson visit her in the office with his mom. The little kid was like 3 or 4? I don’t know! They were having their time at their station.

“Ghost!” the kid said pointing at the corner where I use to see the woman. Take note: the boy’s grandma (the teacher) wasn’t even at the dinner when we talked about the “flower woman” so she had no idea. 


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