I wish for this life to end. 

I’m so full of the man’s beating just to get his money. I’ve been running all day under the heat of that burning fire above. My skin still hurts from all the whipping. If I stop running, he’ll beat me hard. I’ve been crying my whole life and no one seems to understand me. 

I’ve been deprived of food and water. I am sick, but I have to work hard for the man’s family. He’s got three kids in that public school. It’s okay if I’ve got no food and water. I’m still gonna die anyway. I miss freedom. I want to be free from it all. Nobody’s going to remember me, but I swear to do good before it all ends. 

My past is a blur, but I picture myself as a little horse feeling the warmth of my mama comforting me against the dark stormy night. Now that she’s dead, I want to go follow her trail… To the wilderness above the clouds. 

I know, tomorrow’s going to be tough. Everyday is tough, but if somebody can hear me, Please, make me strong. My thread is going thin… Well, that’s what I think. I want to cut it. Living is painful. I get to carry heavy loads every single day. My muscles are aching. My skin is itching. My mind is… My mind is still in shambles. 

I imagine myself running through the glades…free! No cars, no smoke, no whips, no pain… Just me and the wilderness. I graze through the vegetation without me being maneuvered. It feels good. I feel light. Mama, tell our family that I’ll be there! I’m coming! 

Then everything is dark now and I’m back to reality. It’s time for another run around the city. I’m tired. Before I go, I’ll do good. 


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