It’s Complicated!

Here’s “It’s Complicated.” I wrote this song when I was in college. It’s been a while since I listened to this song and oh! I had a deeper voice in this phone recording and less energy too HAHAHAHA! And yeah, I have a higher voice range than before, but I still can’t hit that note Ben Platt could hit when he sings “Waving Through a Window” in Dear Evan Hansens. HAHAHAHA! Someday, I’m gonna sing that song perfectly.

Take a Ride!

I was in my fourth year when the Chairman of the Biology Department asked me to write a Theme song about Biology. I was so pressured that time being one of the only two graduating students from the department. I said yes… then, the struggle began…   I wrote a song called “PIECE OF…… Continue reading Take a Ride!

Things I Will Never Forget

Back when I was in college, me and my friends always hang out at the garden of the university we go to. This one friend of mine was having a shy relationship with this guy, who was looking at us from the third floor of the Maritime building. She took out my notebook and wrote…… Continue reading Things I Will Never Forget