Five-Day Musical Challenge: Day 5

“COOTIES” – Hairspray This is my song number five for the challenge. This one is just a minute and thirty seconds, which is about how Amber Von Tussle loathes Tracy Turnblad like she had cooties. Amber sang this song during the talent show of Miss Teenage Hairspray competition as she was expecting to have the…… Continue reading Five-Day Musical Challenge: Day 5

Five-Day Musical Challenge: Day 3

“WHEN I FIND MY BABY” – SISTER ACT the Musical This day, I would like to feature a song from the divine comedy called “Sister Act”. This is when the male antagonist, Curtis Shank, was frustrated that he could not find the protagonist, Deloris Van Cartier. He wanted to kill the woman as she was…… Continue reading Five-Day Musical Challenge: Day 3

Five-Day Musical Challenge : Day 2

“SO MUCH BETTER” – LEGALLY BLONDE the Musical This is my song number two for the Musical Challenge. This high-energy song is a solo by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. This is when Warner proposed to Vivienne, which broke Elle’s heart. Right there, she also discovered that she was one of those law students who…… Continue reading Five-Day Musical Challenge : Day 2