Top 15 Favorite Moments in Horror Movies


Horror movies are my thing, but I’m not pretending to be hardcore. Some scenes just make me feel thirsty for colored drinks (Do you experience the same thing?). Others are not actually funny, but they make me laugh (Okay, I’m a weirdo).

There are so many AMAZING movies. I just remembered these as of the moment. Also, I did not include YOUR FAVORITES such as “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween”, and “Friday the 13th” because I’m too lazy to find favorite moments there… and they are YOUR favorites, not mine!

Okay, I don’t want to talk much but SPOILER ALERT!

Honorable Mentions:

“‘LRT’ from Shake, Rattle and Roll VIII (2006)”

LRT Shake rattle and roll

“Seoul Station (2016)

Seoul Station - Girl

“Trick R Treat (2007)”

trick r treat

“Feng Shui  (2004)”

Lotlot de leon feng shui

“Evil Dead (2005)”


“A Quiet Place (2018)”


15. I’m fast and I can make it – “‘The Raft’ from Creepshow 2 (1987)”

I loved how Stephen King described Deke’s death in his compilation of short stories in Skeleton Crew. Movies might not give 100% from the book, but I still loved this. Though I could not feel Deke’s pain here. It was so painful in the book! WHY???


14. That Clogged Sink Scene – “The Blob (1988)”

This scene made me feel hungry for The Blob. At first, I was really amazed how the Blob managed to digest the guy’s body easily that he fit into the hole.

13. Ripping Off the Arm – “Carnosaur (1995)”

This is a childhood scene that actually made me feel like I needed a colored drink. It’s like I could taste blood in my mouth as I was watching this.

12. Georgie is Cutie! – “IT (2018)”

My friends who know me might be thinking why I’m choosing this scene over other scarier and weirder ones. Well, I guess I’m unpredictable at this point. I LOVE how Georgie says, “You’ll float too!” again and again, at leveling intensity (I don’t know how to describe it strongly). Hahaha! I wanna play Georgie at the moment.

11. Don’t Touch It – “Splinter (2008)”

I don’t really know why Splinter is not a known horror movie. It’s one of my favorites, and this scene is cringe-worthy! Also, this movie made me want to study more FIELD BIOLOGY!

10. First Encounter – “The Descent (2005)”

Need I say more? This is intense!

9. Kill it with fire – “The Thing (2011 and 1982)

These are unforgettable scenes from the movie franchise for me. The alien thing is one little sneaky creature that would probably give me hesitations on who to trust if I was in the movie. Also, I would probably die first if I was in it because hot people die first in horror movies. Char lang! ahahahaha!

8. OPENING is EVERYTHING! – “28 Weeks Later (2007)”

Who does not fall in love with a great chasing scene in the opening? Also, RUNNING ZOMBIES! Have you experienced dreaming about being chased by fast-running man-eating zombies? Did you enjoy it? I have! 🙂

The soundtrack also gives the scary feels in it.

7. Nicely done, Candice! – “Final Destination 5 (2011)”

This one teased me so much about all the possibilites that could happen. How did you imagine Candice’s fate here?

6. Train Station – “Train to Busan (2016)”

THIS IS JUST MY FAVORITE FROM THE MOVIE!!! So Unforgettable. I laughed hard at this part in the cinema. I don’t know…maybe because moviegoers thought that everyone is safe already. I love expectation-defying scenes in movies.

5. Plant – “The Ruins (2008)”

I love plants…and these blood-thirsty plants kill.

4. Letting Go – “Frozen (2010)”

No, this is not the FROZEN movie where someone sings “Let It Go”. This is about a group of people, who would like to spend their NORMAL day skiing down a mountain, until something happened to them.

(I could not find English clips)

3. Spiders in the Pharmacy – “The Mist (2007)”

I remember myself watching this clip again and again in an internet cafe and the attendants would watch over my screen because I watch so many weird things on the internet while laughing…and they got creeped out. Weak people!

2. Hungry Critters – “King Kong (2005)”

Gave me nightmares especially the worms (favorite!).

1. MOVED toward the darkness – “Rec (2007)”

The way she’s dragged into the darkness

The camera man’s scream


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