The Walking Dead Season 6 is COMING SOON!!!

The Walking Dead fever is still taking over me like a wild forest fire. I always get excited when I catch a buzz about the TV series. The zombies are just one factor that made me want to watch the series, but what would let the audience want more is the adventure and the development of the characters in the show. There is this element of drama and mystery that thrills the viewers to go and ask for more. Sometimes, people get too much attached to the characters that they also get sad when the ones they like in the show is killed by another character or by the zombies, A.K.A. “walkers”. released 12 new images of the show’s 6th season, which will premiere on October 11.

Of all the photos released, this one is my favorite in which Carol is seen between Rick and Daryl. It really looks comical to me, but there’s a meaning behind the characters in the photo. I don’t know, but this could be the time where Daryl would come out as homosexual or there could be a sense of betrayal between the two. Okay, I won’t talk more about it! It’s how I see it. Duh! Hahaha!

You could view the other eleven photos on Click here


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