We Are as Pretty as We Believe

So, I stumbled into some videos on Youtube and I found this song by Tigerlily. I was so happy hearing a song written by songwriters, Nicolle Galyon and April Geesbreght.

“Pretty Girls” is a song about being vulnerable in a relationship. The emotions that you can feel in the song would let you get going in listening to the whole material. It’s like singing a slow sad song while you want to scream it all out. There is the urge of letting go of all those strings that are keeping you from doing what you want and what you love.

Here is the music video for the song recorded by Tigerlily:

Nicolle Galyon herself originally recorded the song in her EP, Child of the Country Sun The EP peaked at  #2 on iTunes.

Galyon had written hit songs for Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Josh Kelley, Lauren Alaina, and many others. She was also in Adam Levine’s Team in the second season of The Voice.

I know you put me on like a string of pearls

But I am not just a pretty girl


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