Stephen King’s “Desperation”

I was really happy for having a book as amazing as this! It made me think of the possibilities that the people in the story might have experienced. Stephen King had really put elements of horror in this masterpiece.

It’s a story about several people, who were abducted by a deputy named Collie Entragian in a mining town called Desperation. The abduction came in different styles such as accusing them of drug possession, and seemingly arresting them in the ghost town. Right there, they were about to face evil as they would be trying to escape the macabre that the possessed deputy is bringing them.

Stephen_King's_Desperation_novelReading the book is like watching a movie or a TV series where you don’t really want to cut the moment for doing some other chores.

Speaking of movies, the novel had a TV film adaptation that was released on 2006 and was directed by Mick Garris.


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