KAY MING GRADUATE NA MAN AKONG MGA FRIENDS…. (Throwback! Bisaya ni nga blog!)

Well, nakakita ko sa News Feed sa akong Facebook account nga ang mga dagway sa akong mga migo ug miga gasul-ob na ug toga!…. amazing di ba???… nakahinumdom na nuon ko sa akong amazing nga graduation… dili jud to malimtan… (except na lang kung mamatay na ko… as in hello! feeling nako ako ray magtabi…… Continue reading KAY MING GRADUATE NA MAN AKONG MGA FRIENDS…. (Throwback! Bisaya ni nga blog!)


SUMMER BLUES No clouds in the sky Water’s splashing crystal And I’m staring at nothing for a while People playing volley Nothing’s in a hurry And the time is flying out right Lyn’s in her see-through T-shirt With that “Hunt for You” tag shouting out for her They didn’t know Aloha’s been around But it’s…… Continue reading SUMMER BLUES


The song is written by Revan Sinadjan, Aloha Padz, and Roann Dominguez. It is about a letter that the narrator wants to send to God since he does not want the predicament that he is in. As the song goes, he realized he just doesn’t understand the ways of God that he is only challenged…… Continue reading HEAVEN CITY

Throwback Thursday

throwback: COLLEGE GRADUATION BALL BATCH 2013 Well, the third post today! This is the first time that I put myself to the “Throwback Thursday-ERS” because I am not the type to do such thing… The throwback I know is telling stories and not about the photos… HAHAHA!… yeah, I’m old-fashioned I wrote the song with…… Continue reading Throwback Thursday