Take a Ride!

I was in my fourth year when the Chairman of the Biology Department asked me to write a Theme song about Biology. I was so pressured that time being one of the only two graduating students from the department.

I said yes… then, the struggle began…


I wrote a song called “PIECE OF HEAVEN”. It’s a ballad about what I see in the streets that includes the lives of the homeless children and their fate. People would call me a Taylor Swift wanna-be because of my style of writing — Narrative. I say no! Because I’m never a TS wanna-be. T. Swift don’t write songs about children on the city streets, and the bus, and killing people, and the lives of the criminals, and being a criminal… etc. I let the teachers listen to the song… The Chairman REJECTED IT! Hahahaha! It broke my heart, but it created a room for more ideas to write about. Anyway, the Head of the Biology Lab loved it. My friend, Jera, loved it too! (because I wrote it on her birthday). She’s the only one who remembers all the words until now.

I wrote another song called “FOREVER STARTS TODAY”. I thought it was more fit to the Biology theme as it talks about how the world has changed. I loved that song so much. My sister made a cover of the song. Guess what? My family doesn’t normally listen to the songs I wrote. This one, I guess, was the first to make the cut. Hahaha! murag Billboard. And… it got REJECTED because it’s a serious song (like Piece of Heaven) and it’s too slow for a JINGLE.

My friends and I were at a movie house when the idea came. It has always been a rule to them that we would only watch a HORROR movie when I’m invited (Because I could not stand the boredom of watching people kissing in Romantic movies). We were watching GNAW while I was strumming my guitar and writing the words of the song in a piece of paper.

This was the song. I called it “Take a Ride” because those were the words that had bothered me since I was told to write a song. The lyrics are a little bit ew! because I have to use the word “Biology”. HAHAHA! The Chairman liked it! I was so happy.

Months after graduation, I was told to visit the school for the Biology days. I was so amazed hearing a group of Biology students sing the song to open the event. It has always been a dream of a songwriter to hear his song sang by another person in public. Those drums, those keys, those strings, and those harmonizing voices made me want to cry like baby. That was an unforgettable moment. I was in cloud 9!



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