Microphones and Songs

2016 has been giving me things that I do not really think I could have. I don’t get to be on stage so much and sing, but guess what? It’s December and I still get to be on a spotlight (I don’t like too much of it though) and it feels good!


I love singing, but I don’t do lots of singing in front of a crowd (I’m a closet singer). I’m just not comfortable singing songs to people. I could not sing as myself. I sing as a character.Also, I was able to sing live on a songwriters’ night! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! I have always wanted to be in those kinds of nights!

I sang four songs on my first night and I grade myself a 0/4. HAHAHAHAHA! I forgot the lyrics,and I forgot to move the capo. People still enjoyed the night anyway. It was so good in the feelings!


I also returned two weeks later on the cafe where I performed my first set of songs. That time, I really took the opportunity to be there again. I requested to be there. Hahahaha! (Do you now feel and hate my hunger of performing my songs?)


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