Death Chain

There’s this curious teenage girl named Caramel. She opened an ancient book of evil, and was possessed by a cursed spirit. She was exorcised, but it didn’t go well. She fell dead with broken bones and an exposed, open rib cage.

There’s this man named Jim. He tried casting out an evil spirit from a girl by a series of exorcisms. He was arrested for torturing and murdering an innocent teenage girl. Reports said he died of cardiac arrest.

Miguel was an ex-inmate, who already completed his sentence in jail. People said he was a changed man after the imprisonment. He lived out as a better man until he wrote something on a piece of paper, and read it aloud again and again. It was some kind of language he remembered on a wall in the prison cell he was in. They said he went crazy and jumped off from the roof of a building.

Beauregard was a homeless man on crack. He lived by a pile of trash down the dark side of the street. He was so in need of smoking and got no materials available. He thought he could use a piece of paper, and saw one with weird characters in it. So, he burned it with some dried leaves inside and started smoking. He died after he was shot on the head by a policeman.

Clarisse was walking home from school when a drug addict followed her. He was holding a knife and was telling her to do what he says. She screamed. He stabbed her. She fell down. He ran. Last thing she remembered was a gun shot. She opened her eyes and she was in a hospital room with her boyfriend sitting by the bed. She was laughing hysterically and was wild. Her boyfriend called the nurses. She died with no reason at all.

A medical personnel named Mike was a fresh nursing board passer. He’s got the skills so he was doing great in his volunteering nurse project before getting the job in a hospital. He was lacking sleep because he would always have terrifying nightmares if he close his eyes. That happened after a patient, who was already out of mind, bit his right forearm and immediately died. One night in the hospital, he looked in the mirror and saw himself looking so tired and sleepless. He was shaking, and he couldn’t control it so he ran to their office while crying. His colleagues tried to help him, but the squirmed, and he was really strong. He grabbed a syringe, injected it to himself, and used it to stab the man, who tried to hold him down. He vomited blood and he died.

A hospital security guard came home with bandages around his right arm. Somebody stabbed him, and was forced to stay home to recover because he refused to stay in the hospital. He thought he could recover at home. After three nights, he passed away from that high fever he got. His spouse was crying when she said that he died after sharing their last kiss.

Revan was finishing up his Caldereta in a Carinderia when the woman who was preparing the food fell down the floor shaking and vomiting blood. He went home as the people started crowding around her. He was alone in his dark room when he was writing a story. There could be something about the food he just ate. He was not feeling well, and there was a voice in his head. Laughing and mocking him. It had been days posting weird stories on Facebook. This is the last one.

Now, there’s you reading his side of the story. I am looking at you. Don’t look out the window….


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