He was kinda shy when he asked me out on a date. I actually don’t know this guy, but he said I always pass him by at school. “You’re a walking grace”, he said with that tone so weird like he’s drunk. (Boys do that all the time).
Well, as the popular chick, all the other kids would actually describe me as “The B with the Itch”. Believe me, I’m a good girl. They’re just so over their insecurities.
So, I went to the place in my platform and a simple churchy dress (Okay, I was in my high heels and a revealing tight clothing. I was just wearing what everybody thought I was. Plus, I want to see the man out of “Shy Boy”).

He was sitting there at a round table looking cute and bored in his Sunday best. (Ooohhhh…I never really thought he was good looking. Rawr). Of course, I looked stunning because I saw him getting lost in the moment as he was staring at me. (Hashtag: Popular girl problem. Hahaha!).
The place was so private because it’s exclusive to us. Woah! This guy knows the words “effort” and “date” very well! There were candle lights, and we were alone. Totally! That’s what I wanted. (Does this guy spend his leisure time stalking me?).
So, we ate our dinner, and we talked (mostly about me and my type. Boys! Haha). Then he leaned forward and kissed me. I was kinda surprised. Mr. Shy Boy had his Bad Boy side exposed.
He didn’t know this B with the Itch was something…different.
I held him closer until he was fighting back. He tried to scream while we’re still kissing. Then… poof! He fell down the ground…lifeless.
Another delicious dinner! Spirit of a man. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Okay, I’ll stop now! I have to prepare for another date invitation.


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