“Once, there was this girl named Ella”, the old man in his 50’s said to a little girl of eight, who was eager to listen to the bedtime story.
“Oh, are you talking about Cinderella, grampa?”
“Cinderella? Ahahaha! That was a stupid story! Who would think of returning a glass shoe for true love? Ahahaha… funny story though!”
“Okay, so what about Ella?”
The man cracked a smile on his face and said, “Ella was a 9-year old girl, who lived in a small town. She was…well, not beautiful.”
“But the real beauty is in the inside. Right? Grampa? It’s the personality”
“Hahaha… you’re a funny little girl!”
“I know I’m right. That’s what my mommma told me… well, before I left home because she didn’t buy me my favorite toy”
“It’s okay, my dear. I’m your grampa now. You have a new family. At least for today”
“You’re better than them!”
“Why do you say so?”
“Because you cooked me that very delicious pork dish!”

The old man had teary eyes when he heard that.
“You’re such a sweet little girl. Oh I forgot! Did you know how Ella’s story went?”
“Oh yeah, what happened to Ella, Grampa? Did she meet her fairy godmother?”
“Oh, no! You ate her a while ago. You’ll be on my dish tomorrow. Go to sleep now”


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