Suppose you entered a public building to get the opportunity to use the restroom. Somebody opened up the door for you, then you rushed to use the toilet. As you came out of the restroom, you noticed everyone was staring at the TV screen.
The TV was off.
Then, you found a friend; a friend never seen in a while. You were walking happily towards her to ask what everybody was doing.

A bell rang in your mind, and you realized that long-lost friend was DEAD. Of course, you’re sure because you attended her burial last year.

There was a dead silence. You walked towards the door to get out of the eerie place.

Quickly, you tried to push the glass door; nothing happened. You let out a little laugh then pulled the glass door by the handle; nothing happened.

Then, you noticed the door was now bound in chains and was locked. You started to panic while you were jerking the door; still, nothing happened. You stopped.

You cried a tear; felt the goosebumps; and wanted to get out of the nightmare.

You turned around. You were alone. The TV was on.

You saw yourself on the TV screen … DEAD.

Then, there was an advertisement below the scene of your dead body on the screen that says, “Coming up next: ‘The Beginning of Your Life'”

You just stood there and watched the whole thing happen …


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