I see blue. I see the sky, and the birds, and clouds. They’re just past those leaves of the trees. It’s a fine day… I guess.

I have been looking up for a long time. img_20151216_2114111

This time, all I can hear is the wind whispering through those leaves of the trees and the birds singing so sweetly. I feel like I’m a child again. I remember everything when I was young. I used to run through the fields and into the forest to play.

Now, I am helpless. I feel some little things crawling on me. I cannot move. Every part of my body is aching, but I cannot let out a sound. All I do is look up through those branches and the sky.

Oh! Something is on me. A RAT! Gosh! It’s sniffing on my skin. As it moves, I can see those flies flying above it. I forgot that I have been lying here and looking up for days now that I never noticed those flies on me. The rodent just took a chunk out of my left cheek and gosh it’s SO PAINFUL! I thought I was used to the pain already.

I feel that some little things moving are getting out from my cheek where the rat took a bite. Are they maggots? I don’t know. All I know is that flies are around. Something took out my left eye. I am just lying helpless.

I am looking up. I see blue. I see the sky, the birds, and clouds. It’s a fine day.



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