It was an ordinary high school day when I saw that THING.

I was standing in a line for the flag ceremony, and noticed the bloody man sitting up on a classroom roof.

His skin is as red as a roasted pig’s crunchy skin. He’s got big eyes and a big smile.

I was just looking at him. He — no! IT was just smiling at me. I was feeling terrified at this man, who was already laughing at me. He’s got horns, and his skin turned redder. I could not do anything, but just look at him. I was trembling of fear, and the man just started to laugh louder.img20160804185259_-_copy1

Then, it came to mind that the man would be happier if I feel fear. So, I started to not care about him and took more attention to the ceremony. I thought he’d be gone, but when I tried to glance back at him. HE WAS STILL THERE!

I just stared at him and imagined him to melt like a candle … and he did. However, I could not get rid of the evil grin he was showing me. I melted him and he vanished.

I woke up.


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