September 29, 2012 (Saturday) 11:54 PM

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning feeling weird. I was so dizzy and tired of getting out of my bed. Well, that has always been a thing for people, who were so stressed and busy for the week. I had a dinner with a guy named Tony … a friend of a friend.

It all started when he called me by my name, Desiree. He asked me out and gave me something to drink. As a meat-eater, I would always get to have pork or beef on my table. I don’t eat veggies. Okay, I’m not going to say the whole story about the date. You know, I was actually in pain awhile ago. When I woke up, I felt the strangest feeling of all. My nose was in pain, my stomach was in pain. Every part of my body was in pain.


I hurried to the comfort room because I thought I was about to barf. When I looked in the mirror, I saw this horrifying face of a monster! Yes, I saw a monster in the mirror. It’s like a woman with a big head of a PIG! Gracious! I know, you won’t believe me, but I saw it right there!

I screamed to the point when I realized that the pig monster was me! Yes! It was me! Every part of me was in pain.I saw my left hand turning into a pig arm. I screamed louder.

My best friend, Colleen, who just went home from her night out was also shocked from what she saw. She asked me about what happened the other night. She believed in all sorts of myths and everything supernatural so she was trying to help me. I said that I just went out with the new guy, Tony, and had a dinner.

“What was the last thing you ate?”, she asked me more questions. I felt so dizzy while she was asking me those questions, but I was not confused or anything. I just told her everything I know. I also want to get rid of this phenomenon. This is impossible!

“I only ate the pork steak that was served to me at Jake’s Restaurant”, I answered her. “Gosh! This could be a curse from someone, Desiree. Something supernatural. Do you believe in the saying ‘You are what you eat’? I think it’s a link to it. He might have put something in your food or drink. Do you even know this guy in the first place?”

“No … I just … I want to get rid of this, Colleen! HELP ME!”

“Well, the only thing that can help you here is you. I do not know this guy so I cannot really help you. All I can do is to get some more help”

“NO!!!! People will see me like this. Look at me! I’m a monster!”

“But this is the only way, Desiree! We have to do something!”, she was about to leave me from the comfort room when she said that.

I never really wanted to be known as a girl who changed into a pig monster just by eating a piece of pork steak served at a local restaurant because I guy, whom I didn’t know the background, asked me for a date. So, I pulled her hair and slammed her head through the sink. There were blood.

I was so scared of what had just happened so I pushed her to the floor.

“Desiree! Why would you do this?”, she was so helpless and in shock of the blood gushing out of her right temple. I was horrified, but the moment I realized something, I found courage.

“I am what I eat?”


Now, I am back to my normal body. I have never been feeling so good before. When I look in the mirror, I see a more beautiful me. I’m so excited for tomorrow! Why? The refrigerator is going to give me another round of feast.


Lovingly beautiful,




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