Things I Will Never Forget

Back when I was in college, me and my friends always hang out at the garden of the university we go to. This one friend of mine was having a shy relationship with this guy, who was looking at us from the third floor of the Maritime building. She took out my notebook and wrote something there.

“March 7”. That was all I remember when she said, “You have to write a song about us with that!”

So, yeah! I wrote the song and named it “Things I Will Never Forget”. She liked it, but I do not know how much. HAHAHAHA!

I don’t really remember all the details! HAHAHAHA!

We parted ways as she transferred to another school the next year. I still sing the song though, and my other friends loved it.

As the years went by, we graduated and lived our lives (we still talk through Facebook with other friends). She messaged me telling that she’s going to be married WITH THAT SAME GUY! I said, “Wow! relationship goals!”

Then, she invited me and planned to have her song. I was so happy about her singing my song again (I could not relate myself to the song by the way ’cause it’s too cheesy and I’ve been heartless since forever ahahahaha).

All those plans had changed as we were too busy to let her record it. So, I have no choice but to record it. It’s so much fun recording songs you could never relate to and relating to the people you would be singing to.

Lyrics like “Driving through town, you and me in your daddy’s car/ I’m feeling the wind at me” was so not relatable, and it makes it funny for me. He hadn’t even driven a car with her in it. So, I changed it and made the song their story that I know. Hermergersh! I think that I’m an amazing friend! AHAHAHAHA!

Mission Accomplished!



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