I am running away from that thing that’s been following me for days now! Please help me! Somebody!

I don’t know why, but I have this very feeling that it’s going to take my life! I couldn’t stop my tears from welling in my eyes. I want my mommy! I want it to leave me alone!

I’m trying to hide myself here in the apartment’s staircase leading upstairs. Gosh, I do not know what to do. I know it’s waiting there below this floor. I know it’s going to come up and get me. Yes, I saw him … through my window. He was smiling at me with sinister. That man with the burned skin and bloody flesh exposed in that black hood.

I remember that face in a painting that my friend got when we went into an abandoned house two blocks down the road. The picture was hellish. It has some people in it. Some were burned alive; some dismembered or disemboweled. Also, there’s the hooded man that stood before the bodies of the people; laughing and eating some of the flesh. It looks like a ritual of some sort. You know what’s weird? Some of my friends did die like the people in the painting.

Another weird thing is that nobody seems to be in the building. Where the heck are the people???!!! I don’t want to die! HELP ME!

I have nothing else to do, but to run upstairs to the top of the building. If I don’t have anything in mind, I’ll jump off this building. Anyway, no one seems to be here. Please, let this be a dream! Let this be a dream!

I’m tired. I guess I just have to hide here in this staircase. I’m sure he won’t go straight here. I’m not in my room now. I hope he would just go knowing that I’m not there.

I couldn’t stop myself from sweating and shedding tears. I still want to live.

SSSHHH! I think I hear something downstairs. I have to take a look.



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