WHAT I SEE (Imagination Galore)

Well, there’s a chair in the darkness. Anyone can see that. Here’s what I see…

A woman in her late 20s wearing a white dress (yes, what a cliche!). The whiteness of the fabric is soaked with her blood. As you can see in the picture, darkness environs the place. It’s also cold right there. I am seeing the woman in an abandoned hospital hallway (Another cliche!).

So, this woman as I can see her has barbed wire around her neck. Her eyes are white, while her head is tilted upward. The barbed wire also runs around her hands and her feet.


Imagine yourself walking at a hallway ALONE and you get to find the same woman that I see in this photo. You might just try not to go her way, but suddenly, as you try to walk past her, you can see that she moves.

Her head tries to move like she is looking at you in that white balls. Then, you are trying to say your prayers while succeeding in walking past the chair. You are reciting The Lord’s Prayer, but something is wrong. You have not forgotten any word of that prayer, but you can hear something else… IN THE BACKGROUND.

Yes, it was the woman crawling from that chair while barbed wires are still around her neck, hands, and feet. She is crawling TOWARDS YOU! Not only that, she is also saying your prayer while laughing. Blood also trickles from her mouth while she opens her mouth. So, what are you going to do?

Of course, stop imagining! Duh!


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