Do you still remember the first story you have ever read? The first book that I thought I own was the old, dusty, rotting dictionary that was once a gift for my older sister. My first story was the one I was so envy about … Henny Penny. I still didn’t have the reading skill back in the time.

I was actually a dropout from my kindergarten because I never enjoyed being with noisy kids inside a small classroom. A year after I dropped out, I can already hear my friend from the neighborhood starting to read a story from a book loudly. He’s reading Henny Penny. I can still remember him saying the name of the chicken again and again because that’s how the story is written.

Henny Penny (Chicken Licken in other versions) is  a story about a hen, who thinks that the sky is falling. She actually has friends that also have funny names like Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles, and Turkey Lurkey. They were actually walking their way to the King to tell him that the sky was “a-falling”. On their way to the king, they met another character named Foxy Woxy, who is so sly to trick the friends in getting into the fox’s den where they were killed one-by-one. Well, except for Henny Penny who was warned by the dying Cocky Locky. She ran back home failing to tell the king that the sky was falling. End of story.

I still find the story so nice.

This was actually the same story that made me want to go to school and get good grades. It will forever be imprinted in my memory and it will still have its space in my heart.


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