Can You Feel the Love Tonight – The Lion King

THE LION KING is my very first taste of Musicals! This had drawn me to the world of Performing Arts. It’s actually my favorite Disney movie because of the story, and the LION, and the tunes.

You know, I have a very funny experience about this. I am really scared of the song. Hahahaha! I don’t know. It maybe because of this weird feeling I feel each time I hear it.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight for me is a tear-jerker every time I hear it. It has this power to get me connected to the different worlds I have yet to discover!

Elton John’s version made me feel like a baby longing for his blanket.


The instrumental version freaked me out when I was young. I was 5 back then. This would always be used by our neighbor to scare me. HAHAHA!


Here’s the stage version of the song! The Lion King has been a successful theater play on Broadway and West End.



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