Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

Well, I’m not a Swiftie (I’m a Care Bear!), but I do have top Taylor Swift songs:

10. WHITE HORSE from Fearless (2008)

It’s like a sequel to her mega hit “Love Story”, which is not in my top ten because it’s so overrated. Right here, the narrator of the story is so vulnerable that you could actually feel her from the stereo. The guy cheated.

My mistake, I didn’t know, to be in love, you had to fight to have the upper hand.

I’m not a princess; this ain’t a Fairytale

This ain’t Hollywood; this is a small town.

9. TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR from Taylor Swift (2006)

This is a FRIENDZONED Taylor Swift right here. This is the first T.S. song I heard because people told me I write songs in Taylor Swift’s voice, and I don’t even know her before.

He’s the song in the car I keep singing don’t know why I do

He’s the time taken up, but there’s never enough

8. MARY’S SONG (OH MY, MY, MY) from Taylor Swift (2006)

This is actually about Swift’s next-door neighbor’s long lasting relationship.

Our daddies used to joke about the two of us / They never believed we’ve really fallen in love

7.FIFTEEN from Fearless (2008)

It’s like an open letter to a fifteen-year old Taylor Swift. Every writer has his/her own letter to his/her younger self. It’s like giving advice to the younger self hoping it would be brought back to the past and correct all the mistakes. I couldn’t say anything about this song. I just love it.

When you’re fifteen, don’t forget to look before you fall

6. I HEART QUESTIONMARK from Beautiful Eyes EP (2008)

First of all, I love those strings in the intro! Those banjo and steel guitar magic! There’s something about this song that makes me love Taylor Swift … it might be the I’m young and carefree, but I could fight back feeling in the song.

Someday you will wake up and smell the break-up, realize that we won’t make up

5. OUR SONG from Taylor Swift (2006)

One of the first few of Taylor’s song that had made me think are my favorites. What I love about this is the twang she uses as she sings the verses.

When I got home ‘fore I said Amen… asking God if He could play it again

4. OUT OF THE WOODS from 1989 (2014)

I love everything about it; ever since I first heard it as a promotional single for her first ever pure pop album.

Are we in the clear yet? Good!

3. MEAN from Speak Now (2010)

Yeah … the banjo made me love this song so much; plus, the personal lyrics that you could use against bullies. This is just one of Swift’s “very” country songs.

Someday, I’ll be living in a big old city, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean

2. PICTURE TO BURN from Taylor Swift (2006)

First revenge song I heard from Taylor. I was in a deck of a ship going to Cebu when I was surfing on my phone radio, and then this song was played. I thought this was the best song ever!

And if you’re missing me, you better keep it to yourself / ’cause coming back around here would be bad for your health

1. THE OUTSIDE from Taylor Swift (2006)

Well, I have special attention to songs that have been written via personal experience. At 12, Taylor wrote this song because she had no one to talk to at school. Yes, it could be a weird feeling being there with those strange kids. She also stated that this was one of the first few songs she wrote, and was like a foundation to writing all those other songs that were now known as hits.

I’ve been a lot of lonely places; I’ve never been on the outside




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