What’s Your Barkada / Clique Song?

You might have that #SquadGoal or #BarkadaGoal that you really want to achieve with your BFF’s! One of the things that you could think about would be having that one song or SONGS that would always let you think about the good time you had spent with your clique. Here are mine:


This is one sincere and promising song where friends of any age circles could really relate themselves into. One could always get to have himself lost into the harmonica driven intro of the song.

I always hear this song on friends (especially best friends) sharing moments on TV and real life. This is just one perfect fit for friendship songs you want to dedicate to your chums! My friends would also sing this to me whenever I’m situations that’s really hard to get by. Yeah, some of them just help me while singing this song to make the moment cheesy. Hahahaha!

This is actually my first time to see this video … and the first time to really think Stevie Wonder is a WONDER! I know he’s famous and amazing, but Oooohhh… I gotta check him out!

YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND by Nelson Del Castillo

Nostalgia might be haunting you in the air right about now as you hear Nelson Del Castillo sing the verses of this song. This is one of those songs I could hear on Sunday afternoons when I was younger. I have always loved this song and could literally make my eyes teary. Char! Drama! Hahahahaha!

This is really an OPM (Original Pilipino Music) Gem! A perfect clique song! Even with the generation today, they would still have this song dedicated to true friends out there.

ONE FRIEND by Dan Seals

This relatable song could be a theme song for Best friends out there. The lyrics says it all.

YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND by James Taylor

My high school English teacher taught the class about this song. That was the first time I heard about this and it would automatically play behind my mind when I think about the word “friend”. I love it!

MERON BA by Nikki Valdez

I know, this is not really a friendship song, but this was my Elementary batch mates’ song. Every morning before the class, we would always have a short program. One time, I was picked to do the vocal solo. I sang this song, and it immediately caught the class. Hahaha! I was one of the hitmakers of the class back in the day.

There are lots of other songs for my elementary memory, but this was the one I made famous for how many years inside the classroom anyway. Hahaha! 😉

LA SOLITUDINE by Laura Pausini

This is one other song that do not really fit for the blog if you would just be true to “Friendship Songs”. My college friends really have this song in our list. The weirder reason? One of them told us that this was their GRADUATION SONG. You read that right. Hahahaha!

This one’s got an English version too! It’s called “Loneliness”



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