NOSTALGIA (a General Nonsense)

I remember myself as a 10-year old geek trying to find something HORROR in my sister’s ancient, dusty, and rotting box of silverfish-swarmed books and magazines. It was a nice morning when all of my older siblings were out for school; my mom would be in the backyard chatting with our neighbors; my dad’s at work; younger siblings were with mom.
I was just looking for that one scary, enjoyable story.
I don’t really remember why I was not gone for school.
What I remember is that I picked that magazine with a photo of human skulls. “I Miss You Like Crazy” by The Moffats was blaring from our neighbor’s stereo while I was reading the magazine. I found nothing horror about it.

There was just nothing about that moment, but I still remember some details. I was sitting on the floor of our living room. I was alone.
Yes, I am just sharing what I remember with this song. It’s nonsense, but thanks for reading! 😉

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