FRET! Aherherher!

One of the plays featured in Pi7o Ka Drama sa Pebrero shows a writer tempted by a “friend” to go to a party while he still has to finish his articles due before midnight.


FRET is one of those pieces finished in The Cornelio Faigao Memorial Annual Playwrights’ Workshop in Drama and Performance. I got a hard time writing that one! Hahaha! It’s just one of those plays where people have to think further on things they see on stage as the characters could be interpreted differently by different people.

Fret is a slang that means “friend” in Filipino.

Aloha Padayogdog as Irish and Everild Catugal as Ronald in FRET

Well, onstage, you can see a guy and his laptop trying to do his job. Then, a girl comes from nowhere and begins the temptation.

The story had evolved from a very different story that was created during the Playwrights’ workshop.

The mentor showed us a photo where the ideas of the story should be coming from. The photo shows a stool and a round table inside an old house with some greens peeking from out the window.

Initial mount of the script with Junrey Alayacyac as Ronald and Yon Maningo as Irish

So, the original “Fret” is still about a writer … a horror writer with a deadline. Then, he was struggling for words to keep his story going. As he was trying to get to his story, he smelled something in the air. Something rotten … Something out of this world. Right there, he saw a kid on a branch of a tree just outside his window. The kid is not so human-like for he has a pair of red eyes, an evil grin, and dark red skin … as red and dark as a roasted pig.

Everyone in the room laughed at the fact that the kid may just look like a Letchon baboy (roasted pig) taunting the writer for being such a lousy writer. HAHAHAHA! It was just what I imagined that time because I really thought it was scary.

So, the first draft has to be rewritten (The writer in the story was defeated by the demon kid’s challenge, and got his soul towards the end of the story).

Curtain Call of the Actors in workshop with Aloha Padayogdog as Irish, Clint Solante as the Reader, and MJ Tenedero as Ronald during the Readers’ Theater

The second draft was about the characters Irish and Ronald in which Irish was just a gossiping neighbor that’s secretly in love with Ronald … blah blah blah … The end of the second draft was even darker for Irish, the gossip, killed herself because of rejection. HAHAHAHA! The mentor told me to have Irish be just like the demon kid so I decided to have the stories from the initial and the second draft be merged … And that moved just developed the current “Fret” that was used in Pi7o ka Drama sa Pebrero.

Alfie Mosqueda as Ronald and Apple Ynclino as Irish during the gala of Pi7o Ka Drama sa Pebrero

Irish’s character was still as ambiguous, but my mentor said that she has to keep it that way as this would let the audience just interpret the character on their end. It’s how short stories work as well. I am totally proud of it even if I am not that confident. Anyway, this would let me get more ideas on how I could really get along with my moves when writing stories (I actually am a fan of the ambiguity of the stories I wrote … I just feel that my readers like my stories as they have told me they would burn me alive if I stop doing it. They’re a little weird too!)


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