7 Ka Drama sa Pebrero

The two-day Original Cebuano Play Marathon had been successful. First time pa ko kita sa uban plays actually. Ganahan kay ko. Murag kani nga reaction sa usa ka student sa usa ka director sa plays…


7 KA DRAMA SA PEBRERO shows seven different views of seven playwrights from The Cornelio Faigao Annual Memorial Playwrights’ Workshop in Drama and Performance. In the span of two year, these were among those plays chosen to be mounted on stage.




by April Moncada

Directed by Eli Razo


A ten-minute play that takes a peek into a young couple’s relationship. Maria and Darwin may be as different as night and day, but their chemistry is palpable. See how one joke takes their relationship to a new direction.

Khristine Gentica as Maria and Michael Banaynal as Darwin

“Mang lipstick sa ko! … Panagsa ra bitaw ni!… Enshe ra gud to?” – Maria

Kilig kilig siya… kay tungod lang sa mga joke joke. Kanang ang mga kabataan guro kay muingon ug “OMG! relationship goals!”



by Revan Sinadjan

Directed by Emman Mante


A content writer, Ronald, is struggling to finish his articles due at 11:30PM. His “bestfriend”, Irish, comes over and invites him to a party where he could meet the love of his life. Should he stay for a stable job or go for that one-time opportunity?

Aloha Padayogdog and Everild Catugal in Fret
Alfie Mosqueda as Ronald and Apple Ynclino as Irish

“Ikaw na jud ang OA-ness sa tanang Churvaloo!” – Irish

Makarelate guro ang mga kabataan ani especially katong hilig ug party tapos naa pay buhatonon. Of course, there will always give you the choice in getting what you WANT. Aherherher!



by Pip Compra

Directed by Mark Jude Tenedero


An older woman sits before a letter in an old house. As she prepares to phone her daughter who is outside the country, their memories together are brought back to life. In a world where motherhood is a form of servitude, “Ang Paghuwat” tackles a story about the journey of two-generation mothers who faced an unforced but unmistakably a feminist review of the existing gender-roles in the society. Anita, an aging widow was left with no choice but to take care of her grandchildren after Grace, her only daughter was pushed to labor overseas because of the family’s financial adversity. One day, Anita received a shocking letter that will change her life and will force to ask her daughter to come home. “Ang Paghuwat” presents the poignant truths, myths and images of the women’s movement and the struggles and agonies they suffer inside the vast lexicon of the dominant culture. Like the flow of energy between two biologically alike bodies, the story was uniquely written to understand the mother-daughter mutuality and how they grieved similar fate. While the material defines the pains of estrangement, waiting, fear of the unknown, etc., it confronts us more importantly of our ill-conceived notion on equality, of women sacrificing security and comfort, and of how we often disservice women.

Divine Saludaga and Bong Camon in Ang Paghuwat
12745502_1603371019982117_3335117643429393957_n (1)
Concon Aringay as Grace and Ingrid Siega as Anita

Hilak-hilak ni siya… The audience will get to see an open letter about women longing for each other as mother and daughter.


by Haidee Palapar

Directed by Junrey Alayacyac


A writer for an NGO takes a vacation in a resort in the island of Malapascua, north of Cebu, only to be hounded by calls from her boss. In her frustration, she calls the attention and receives the flirtatious advances of a vacationing young American. She becomes curious about how the man was able to just quit his job and pursue his passion; and they end up sharing about their lives and exchanging views about life, revealing differences in culture. It is revealed that the woman is in anguish about not being
able to do what she wants because of the many family obligations, while he is bent on having the time of his life, enjoying his freedom and exploring the world, fed up with living a life of privilege. They slowly succumb to the growing attraction between them as each sees the other in a different light after their brief interaction.

Ti Ann as Jaqueline and Gabriel Gomez as Sam

Lingaw kaayo nga experience nga kanang maka meet kag stranger sa usa ka bakasyon kung asa magsamok gihapon imong trabaho.


by Emmanuel Mante

Directed by Rudy Aviles


A fifteen-minute comedy play which tackles on parenthood, corporal punishment, family discipline and love for Disney using our Cebuano-Bisaya language in the dialogue. Ariel comes home late and surprisingly finds her father blowing a trumpet that startles her — her father’s approach towards the discipline of her habits of coming home late. Ben’s character emphasizes Disney’s influence; with his off-centered jokes and cunning sermons towards Ariel. Ariel confronts her father about her problems and worries in school, but Ben tends to be passive and positive on how the situation should be treated despite the uncertainties and her daughter’s demand. Ariel resents this and snaps to her father. Ben reveals his childhood secret: a sad and poor life and a back story of Disney’s influence to his life. The scene ends when Ariel understands more her father as Ben sings another Disney song with sadness under laid.

Venee Marie Fuentes as Ariel and Choi Castillano as Ben


by Msgr. Ting Ancahas

Directed by Eli Razo


A wife’s awakening from her previously unexamined life of domestic and wifey discomfort. Charo, coming home from a visit to her children is confronted by Arman, her ageing and domineering of a husband. The argument unfolds some marital vexations which lead Charo to re-assess her own life and finally sees a clearer picture of what she really aspires for — to liberate herself from subjugation. Charo’s decision could be life changing for her to have a life ? But, would she ?

Clint Solante as Arman and Rachel Laya-og as Charo


by Rudy Aviles

Directed by Orlando Magno


A comedy about love in the age of senior moments. The 70 year-old Orlando is confronted by his middle-aged spinster daughter Erlinda, who forces him to reveal the whereabouts of Bising. For the past three days, the townsfolks are all abuzzed at seeking for the missing Bising (also 70 years old and a widow), the current love interest of Orlando. They all suspect that Orlando has a hand in Bising’s disappearance, however, when the authorities searched the house of Orlando, they couldn’t find Bising. Where could Bising possibly be ? And what could Orlando’s participation in the issue of the missing Bising?

Sonny Alquisola as Orlando and Cynthia Abellanosa as Erlinda





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