Why It’s Hard to Sing This Song

Carrie Underwood has so many tracks in her songbook that are really good, but are honestly hard to sing. There could be people that got the guts to sing all her songs. I have always been a Carebear and still listens to how Carrie sings her songs.

The Night Before (Life Goes On) from her debut album, Some Hearts, might have been one of those few songs in the list that would let people think how she possibly sang those notes towards the end.

Yeah, the song is a narrative about lovers going on separate ways as the girl would leave the town for college, while the guy has to be left with his job in town.

It’s hard to sing this song because you have to incorporate emotion to the story. And, towards the end, you have to catch a quick breath before you stop breathing for at least 18 seconds while belting the high notes. HAHAHAHA! But you could always do it your own way! DZUH!


These are some other songs from Carrie with regard to stealing quick breaths and belting:

I Know You Won’t, Carnival Ride


Ever Ever AfterEnchanted OST


Mexico, Storyteller


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