Elementary Poem Challenge

Well, I would be writing here poems I learned from my Elementary. You know, when I was still in the primary school, the teacher would let us memorize poems and recite them in front of the class every morning. I think I still memorize these three poems that are among my favorites (I would be checking Google after I type them here)

First up, “Signs in School”

Signs in School

Everyday, when I’m in school

I see around the signs big and small

“Keep off the grass” “Wait for your turn”

“Entrance” “Exit” “Up” and “Down”

“Principal’s Office” “To the Playground”

“Library” “Silence!” “Lost and Found”

These signs I read from day-to-day

As I go along my merry way

I wish I still remember the poem! hahahaha! This one is just precious! One of my favorites back in the day. I think this was from my third grade or fourth grade English. This talks about the signs that a school kid would see normally in schools.


White sheep, white sheep on a blue hill

When the wind stops, you all stand still

When the wind blows, you walk away slowly

White sheep, white sheep where do you go?

I don’t know if I got that right, but I’m confident! I just could not forget this poem from my third grade because the teacher won’t dismiss the class if nobody could answer her question. Guess what? I was the one who answered her question. Hahaha! Hero!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all

Each little flower that opens

Each little bird that sings

He made their glowing colors

He made their tiny wings

Hahahaha! I couldn’t continue the poem anymore ’cause I forgot the next line…


2 thoughts on “Elementary Poem Challenge

  1. Thanks for the “Signs in School” poem. I still remember that from grade 1, and I’m in my forties now. How time flies.


  2. this is great! these are also the poems I’ve learned during my elementary days that I wanted to teach my pupils right now…


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