Wyrmwood: An Aussie Zombie Movie

I was looking for some good horror movies to watch while I was  on a vacation back at home to unwind from the city dust. I have always been a horror fan since I was a little kid. Are you familiar with “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” It brought me chills when I was little.

Anyway, my favorite type of horror is the one with man-eating antagonist. Zombie movies surely belong to my alley. However, I am also choosy about the storyline. Some of them might never be my  type.


Wyrmwood: The Road of the Dead is just a brilliant movie. I’m not really sure if it was my first Australian zombie movie.



In the movie, the infection that zombifies a person is spread through air (I think it was after the meteor shower). People with blood type A negative were immune of the disease. Those that have discovered the spread of the disease used gas mask to have themselves prevent the infection.

What made me like this movie is the uniqueness of the storyline. Their zombies actually walk very slow by morning. The undead also breathe out fuel. At nighttime, the undead use the fuel to move real fast. There was even one scene where a zombie was catching up with the car at high-speed.


Another amazing thing here is that a character had been kidnapped and experimented. That gave her the power to control the undead. That might be lame for some of the zombie movie critique, but it worked well for me.

There were jump-scares here that were associated with the horror and the action in the film.


Of course, the originality of the ideas in this film also caught my attention. They have used a zombie to fuel a car. However, the characters could never use the vehicle at night as the undead would accumulate the fuel for themselves. Also, the zombie should not be killed (even if they’re already dead; you know, movies!) or else the fuel supply would be cut.

I’m giving this movie a 3/5 rating. There were always surprises that the viewers could discover.



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