Bicho is actually the Spanish word for “insect.”

During my last college semester, I had this very amazing schedule where I would only have a half day of classes during Tuesdays and Thursdays. With that, I had the chance to go study or prepare for a meeting for the university’s Theater company.


I miss hanging out with these FREAKS. From left to right: Aloling, Rebon, Dana Glennish, Mikael, and Babidi. I have other friends in the circle, but they’re not in the picture because they’re in a different page of the book.

There, I met new people. I am actually an introvert, and I don’t talk to people if they won’t talk to me first. Dana Glennish and Babidi were already my friends as we already had shared moments in the theater group during the last semester.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I would go to the Student Affairs Office, and take time to do my thing, which is reading, writing songs, or just waiting for the meeting to start. I could still remember, I was so alone that I thought I had no friends at the moment.

A freaky guy named Mikael is a sneaky type that I didn’t even know was beside me when I got lost in the world inside the book I was reading. I forgot how we became friends. Maybe he started a conversation ’cause that’s how I make friends with people I don’t know. Hahahaha!

So, Mikael and I were already friends, and then this Pharmacy girl named Aloling came and was also looking for a place to hang out because, like me and Mikael, she also has an amazing half-day TTH schedule. Since then, we called ourselves the “TTH Buddies”.

Also, this Aloling became my “Trupren” after that incident when she stayed because she said she would not leave me behind when I turned the lights off as everybody left me in the meeting place. She’s one talented bicho, who could always get what I am talking about. Yeah, we’re BFF’s!

Dana Glennish was one of my “Beastprens,” whom I got to share stories more often. He was one of those friends, who got bullied because … he’s funny even if he’s not cracking jokes. Hahaha! He talks like you were close. I forgot how we became this close, but we always get to hang out together. People would ask me if he were my brother. I would tell them, “No, he’s my shadow” or “Yes, he’s my brother. Unfortunately!” Hahahaha! it’s always fun.

Babidi was the “B**chpren.” She’s honestly not a B***h; we just want her to have her own story of popularity. She’s actually more like me. Moody. She’s also got the MOVES when it comes to dancing. We became friends because … I don’t remember it all, but it was a moment between me and Babidi when somebody told me we were somewhat the same in the swings of the mood. People would sometimes ask me if she’s my girlfriend. I would say, “No, I am actually training her to flirt to run the world (girls!)”

I call Mikael “Friend.” I don’t know; that’s just how we call each other. I still don’t know the root behind how we called each other that way. It is a boring endearment. Hahahaha! Maybe because I didn’t take much notice of him not since the girls said they had a crush on him, and they would want me to write songs about him; or he had a crush on a girl, and he would want me to write songs about her. We had lots of similarities when it comes to life stories, but not all ’cause I’m always MORE AMAZING!


We would normally just chat, play some music, share stories, or go out for a movie. Right in the movie house, Aloling noticed a poster for “A Bug’s Life” that was translated to Spanish, and it says, “Bichos.” That was really a clever name when I have called my friends Insects.

Time went by, I graduated from college and was still connected with the Bichos. I discovered a poster on Facebook that says they’re looking for theater hopefuls.


I immediately told my friends to go out for the audition. There were only a few of them who believed me and went for it. I had Aling Coring, Dibina, Babidi, Dana Glennish, Aloling, and Mikael. Hahahahaha! (I still find the nicknames funny.)


Dana Glennish and Aling Coring didn’t make the cut to be one of those who got to have a chance to be one of the Young Thespians of Cebu. Anyway, everyone was still as happy.

After the Auditions …


It was a fun-filled adventure!

Dearest Darlingest Bichos,

If you’re reading this, whatever! READ IT and plan for a BIRTHDAY!


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