My Grown Up Christmas List

Amy Grant still has the best Christmas Season song for me. My Grown Up Christmas List is just nostalgic and magical.

Anyway, here’s my personal grown up Christmas list for Santa: Yes, I still believe in Santa.

  • Watch → I am still wishing for someone to give me a watch. I’ve always been fond of using time in metaphors as I write stories or songs. Also, I was always deprived of owning a watch ever since.
  • A Personal letter that’s FOR ME → You know, I have never received a letter since my friend gave me one for a school project. I’ve always been a messenger, but I never really had one letter for me. That’s a sad truth. Hahahaha! I guess, nobody do the letter sending.
  • A Song Dedication FOR ME → I’m sorry for being so selfish. I just also want to have a song dedicated for me. I have been writing songs for my friends, who were suffering predicaments. I guess, it’s time for me to have one, but no one really sees the person inside me. I also am in my own predicament, you know.
  • Talks → I have always been an introverted person, but I would also love to talk to people. I couldn’t really start a conversation. I just always wait for someone to come and talk to me. Hahaha!
  • Freedom → I don’t really know the kind of freedom that I want. There is just something in me that makes me feel I am still caged. I want to run free.
  • Time to Go to CHURCH → Hermergerd! I have been deprived of almost everything including church time. I need friends, who would drag me there. I don’t really like going to church when there are lots of people going. I want a silent praying time; not the one that would just oblige me to go to church because there’s an occasion. I want to talk to God. I know, I talk to God everyday, but I want to go to church without lots of people that make me wanna go crazy.
  • ME TIME → I’ve been to lots of Me time. I just want more… hahahaha!
  • And list goes …

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