25 Things About Me

25. I love Sineskwela.


24. I’m a CAREBEAR.


23. I’m a Horror Freak.


22. I get Coke Drunk (if that exists).


21. I love Musicals.


20. I love Miranda Sings’ voice.


19. I treasure “first times.”

18. I love dogs, but I have CATtitude.

17. I play guitar, keyboard, flute, xylophone, and I play Hide-and-seek. (HAHAHAHA!)

16. Friends call me The Devil, Weirdo, Geek, Nerd, Heartless, Eccentric, and so many others …

15. I love MONDAYS because most people hate it.

14. I’ve written 200+ songs. Yes, I do remember their tunes, but not the words. I just think they have their own individual identity and life.

13. I was born on a 13th.

12. I’m a quiet person … but when we’re friends, you would wish I was born mute.

11. I’m globophobic.

10. I could never leave the house without checking if the faucet is dripping.

09. I love Rain and Thunder at nighttime.

08. I don’t like visitors no matter how close we are.

07. I’m not fan of TRAVELLING.

06. I don’t like noisy people just like this annoying girl I can overhear meters from here. I so want to shoot her in the mouth to kill her. Uncultured!

05. They say, “Basta pinoy, ganahan ug LECHON!” EW! that’s so disgusting!

04. I’m chocoholic and Coke-aholic.

03. I usually hate what other people love, and love what other people hate.

02. I’m not cool. I don’t follow trends. I don’t want to be one of the so-called “cool kids.” Why? Because I have lots of friends that are like that, and they do STUPID and DISGUSTING things.

01. I’m introverted.


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