YTC’s 5th year anniversary, Vocal Hustle, was a big success!

Last Monday, November 30th, the Musical Theater Group made the audience feel the energy and the emotions as they effectively fill the atmosphere with their charisma and showmanship together.


The battles between performers are awesome! They were just gifted with hitting those notes with power or kill the song with those high-energy dance moves and emotional turns.

The concert also featured talented individuals from 10G Troupers and Ice Wave Band.

Check out the moments from the concert:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: Emmanuel Jones Mante, YTC Founder and Director

Oh! I forgot to tell you about some important announcements they made during the show…

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, August 2016

YTC will have the sung-through musical seen on Cebuano stage starring Marlon Tansengco as Joseph.



Cornelio Faigao Drama and Performance, February 2016

This will feature works from the products of the annual playwright workshop.



New Yorker in Tondo with 10G Troupers, December 12, 2015


Can’t wait til next year!




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