Top 10 Sarah Geronimo Songs

The Star for a Night winner, Sarah Geronimo … okay, let’s go to the point!

She is one of those OPM juggernauts that influenced most of singing competitors. She was just  fourteen years old when she won the reality TV Show, Star for a Night, back in 2003. 

Here are my top 10 Sarah Geronimo songs …

Kilometro – Perfectly Imperfect

Honestly, I don’t really like this song at first, but there is something in the song that makes you want to listen to it again. It’s “disgustingly” catchy! I love it though.

This is about doing everything for a loved one even though it means crossing an ocean or a path for how many kilometers.

Gagawin ko ang lahat upang / sa huli, sa huli, sa huli ay tayo / Kung kailangan kong tahakin ang / kilome – kilome – kilometrong layo

Tayo – Expressions

The guitar lick of the song’s intro sounds like it’s from the 80’s or 90’s, but then as the song progresses, you would be snapped back to the present time through the beats.

It’s a danceable tune with uplifting lyrics.

Dinggin ang awiting nagsasabing “bumangon” / Awit na para sa mga pusong nadapa

Wag magpapatalo, tayo

Just Believe – Popstar: A Dream Come True

This is, actually, my favorite Sarah Geronimo song of all time! It wasn’t released as an official single, though it was used as a promotional song for another reality TV show, Pinoy Pop Superstar. 

It’s one of those songs that weren’t really that popular. Some of my self-acclaimed Sarah Geronimo Fan friends don’t know this. Gosh, what a shame! I’m not a big fan of Sarah and I love this so much. This was my favorite song before Jesus, take the Wheel hit me like a crying baby in a car crash. Just Believe will always be in my heart.

Enough is enough / believe it or not / you’re not alone / everyone’s hope is running there

All you gotta do is just believe

If Only – Popstar: A Dream Come True

One of those Sarah G songs that would make singing competitors sing their lungs out!

Maybe you and I would see forever / if only I could be back in your arms again

Ikot- Ikot – Expressions

Di maiwasang isipin na tayo’y para bang tumatakbo / sa walang hanggan na kalye / tumatakbo / ang pag-ibig na tila ba ‘sang b’yahe / ikot-ikot lang

How Could You Say You Love Me – Sweet Sixteen

A song about being lied to. This one’s a perfect song in a karaoke night when you’re broken-hearted (you might want to cry like a baby while singing this). Plus, Sarah shows off her inner Celine Dion.


How could you make me hurt so bad / when I have loved you more than anyone can do? / can’t believe the pain / that i’m feeling now because of you

Twin Hearts – Popstar: A Dream Come True

Like Just Believe, the song was not released as an official single, but had gained popularity from a TV series of the same title. A music video was also released as a promotional material for the TV series. The first verse of the song was cut from the video.

Carry My Love – Becoming

A Sarah G love song.

You are my prayer, my every thought/ that I will guard at any coast / you are my safe inside the storm 

Mr. Deadma – Taking Flight

Sarah also has her inner Jolina Magdangal or Donna Cruz unleashed in this fun song.

Mr. Deadma naman oh! / sinasabi ko naman sa’yo / paikot-ikot na lang ba tayo / ako ba talaga ang gusto mo?

Forever’s Not Enough – Popstar: A Dream Come True

A true juggernaut of the OPM. I remember, this song invaded the radio airwaves like a storm, and was infecting people with Sarah’s soaring voice.

And if forever’s not enough / for me to love you / I’d spend another lifetime, baby


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