Strange Animal of the Week : “Flying Spaghetti Monster” of the Depths

Well, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been known as the deity of the Pastafarianism as an opposition to the teaching of creationism in public schools.


The deity of a parody religion (as the social media view it) has a real life counterpart … And it’s like an upside down cup of noodles swimming in the deep.

Are aliens among us?


The animal is called Bathyphysa conifer, a rhizophysid siphonophore. The Cnidarian had been seen swimming off the coast of Angola just recently.

This is not a type of jellyfish as this is a colony of tiny animals called zooids that appear to be a single organism. A jellyfish is a single organism itself. What they have in common is that they feed on smaller animals with the use of the stinging cells on their tentacles that yield toxins to paralyze them.


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