5 Years Ago Today … (And because I have to get back to my Tuesdays and Saturdays blog routine)

I was browsing through the pages on the internet when a friend of mine told me about how I love Halloween, and that I should check on the cartoon version of my wildest imaginations. She gave me the link of one episode, and by the time I heard the theme song, I fell in love with it. The characters of the cartoon web series are cute, happy, speak gibberish; and eventually, die as the story goes.

Yes, I’m talking about Mondo Media’s Happy Tree FriendsAgain.


I love all the diw diw diw and la la la of the characters singing their own theme song.

The show uses black comedy in which there would be deaths shown. It has been banned in some countries as they are not really for children with all those gory episodes.

Here’s the very first episode I’ve seen from the web series:

I miss this show. I should go back and look over some newer episodes I have not watched. Happy Halloween!


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