All right! Carrie Underwood is going to release her fifth studio album, Storyteller, on October 23rd. This includes the single, Smoke Break, which is currently rising up the country charts.

Underwood surprised her fans with a new song on her Facebook account via Vevo with another track from the album. It’s called, “Heartbeat”. Yes, this would be the first love song co-write to hear from Carrie as she is known to write story-telling and inspirational tracks such as “Something in the Water”, “Temporary Home”, “All-American Girl”, “I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore”, and many more.

Tonight, I want to drive so far /¬†We’ll only find static on the radio, ooh / And we can’t see those city lights / And I love the way you look in a firefly glow / Saying everything without making a sound / A cricket choir in the background / Underneath the harvest moon / Standing on your shoes on my bare feet / Dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Listen to the track here…

You could instantly download the song if you pre-order Storyteller on iTunes.



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