Somewhere in this lifetime, I became a member of a University’s Theater company in which I would be learning so much of the world onstage.

February 21 was the day when we were asked to work with a school production where they would be showcasing excerpts from Broadway shows. Yes, it was indeed a theater production, but they never let us play a part. I was really disappointed ’cause they never believed in us. They only asked to have the members of the University Chorale and Dance Troupe to be onstage. Whatever! But, it was a really great experience being a part of the production! (I was assigned to be one of the backstage managers of sort ’cause I had so many things to deal there) HAHA! Theater life is really fun. It’s like a vice, so hard to stay away from.

Okay, let’s get to the point of the title. There was one character named Liesl von Trapp from The Sound of Music that was played by my friend’s crush. Hell, I’ve been hearing his voice, which got into my nerves saying I should write a song for her. I was really not a fan of everything I’ve witnessed there because I have to work backstage, and I could not even get a chance to watch performances. Writing this song is a wish from this friend before I graduate. Since the girl was under my name on Wardrobe, I made her a friend. That was a really great chance for me to let my friend do the work while I would just be sitting at the backstage or watch performances, and he would be the one stressed. Evillll… hahaha! Thank God, he’s got a crush on her.

So, here’s the song I wrote for my friend, which is about my other friend (the girl), and I love this song! I just changed the name to “Liezl” because I like the Z in the word. It reminds me of that pretty girl in high school too!

My favorite part of the song is the Uh oh! after the first chorus. It just feels majestic.


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