YTC’s “Doubt” and “New Yorker in Tondo”

I had a great time watching the Young Thespians of Cebu’s stage plays: The abridged version of the 2008 film, “Doubt” (directed by Junrey Alayacyac, and the high energy “New Yorker in Tondo” (directed by Emmanuel Jones Mante).

The cast of “Doubt” and “New Yorker in Tondo”

YTC made a full-house out of the twin bill, which would let the audience get to see an American and a Filipino play in one stage. There is a balance between the heavy drama and the comical play as these set the mood of the audience’s enthusiasm in appreciating theater plays.

Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn from “Doubt”

The show started with “Doubt”, which is about a Catholic school principal, sister Aloysius, who has suspicions to Parish Priest, Flynn, about having a relationship with an altar boy.

Michael Banaynal as Father Flynn, Christie Ann Capitan as Sister Aloysius, and Irene Bianca Parel as Sister James

My favorite character here is sister Aloysius. She’s CUNNING. That’s how I put it in one word.

From left to right: Alfie Mosqueda as Totoy, Rosemarie Joy Cinco as Nena, Diana Palma as Aling Atang, and April Ynclino as Kikay

There is also this Filipino comedy, “New Yorker in Tondo,” which is about a girl named Kikay, who has gone to New York for ten months, four days, seven hours, and twenty-one minutes.

 Upon her return to her homeland, Tondo, Manila, she has changed from Kikay to Francheska. Now, her mother and her childhood friends have to deal with all the new rules…

Marlon Tansengco as Tony with Totoy, Nena, and Kikay

My favorite character from “New Yorker in Tondo” is Kikay. She’s so kikay! Hahahaha … that’s how you call chic in Filipino. Not only that, all the characters could really give you laugh on how they speak with their lines. You could never stop laughing with all those scenes and little stunts.

All photos are credited to The Young Thespians of Cebu.

People coming out of the theater all had the laughs and the connection to characters on both plays.



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