William Michael Morgan is a newcomer in the country music scene. At 20, he carries with him his traditional country twang and roots. With his latest single, I Met a Girlyou might want to know more about country music.

The song was written by Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, and Trevor Rosen.

This would be playing in your head again and again with the catch, I met a girl / she made me smile / she made me wait / she crossed the street  / she crossed my heart  / she fixed her dress / she bit her lip / she lit me up / I met a girl with crazy shoes / and baby blues / the way she moves is changing my whole world  / I met a girl

Way back in 2009 or something, I was surfing the internet to look for something I never heard before. Youtube is always one of those websites where you could really discover some new stuff you should be digging into.

I streamed lots of Kenny Chesney and George Strait music, then I suddenly bumped into a video with an image of a teenage guy, who looks a bit like the country version of Nick Jonas with a deeper voice. I still remember, the song was called, “Flying Over Jordan”. The guy’s name is William Michael Morgan. (When you search his name on the internet, better use the full name or you would be directed to different people such as William Morgan, William Michael, or Michael Morgan. HAHAHA!)


Well, 2009 was when Taylor Swift reigned over the radio airwaves with songs from her sophomore album Fearless. She was becoming more and more popular because of the songs she wrote. William Michael Morgan is also a songwriter from Nashville and has worked with Swift.

There were studio versions of songs by Morgan on Youtube before that you could not find nowadays. Though, you could still find other songs he wrote on his channel.

William-Michael-Morgan-3-300x200 William Michael Morgan 2013 Official FB_1376508567254

“Flying Over Jordan” was the first song I ever heard from this artist. It was about a kid named Jordan whose mother died and promised she would be flying over Jordan as an angel. There’s also one song that will always be in my list of favorites called “It Won’t Break My Heart” with these amazing lines:

It won’t hurt my feeling / If I don’t let the feeling start / If I never fall in love again / it won’t break my heart.


You could also follow him on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Just click the words in blue.

I really dig the music of country songwriters. It would make internet surfing more fun especially when you have just discovered they posted new songs you should check out. With Morgan, I also follow songwriters like Nicolle Galyon and Tresa Jordan.


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