What Mattered Most – Ty Herndon

This is a song about regretting leaving a loved one behind. A debut single from Ty Herndon’s debut album What Mattered Most, this is also a number one hit for the singer in 1995.

Listeners would have a feeling of regrets as well when listening to the song. For me, the writing is amazing. Well, I’m not a pro when it comes to telling things about songs, but this had just put me in the shoes of the narrator even though I could not relate much of it.

Anyway, there are two music videos for the song. Here’s the other one …

Herndon’s voice is also great that it had a strong impact in the material he is singing. Plus, there is one particular line that’s stuck in my head.

I missed the forest for the trees

I have never written lines like that! I wish I could someday be as great as the ones who wrote the song. Also, Herndon’s voice is a gem.

There was something in the way he sings the line,

Oh my God, what did I do?


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