Greyhound – Ashley Clark

I have just stumbled into one blog posted on Twitter. There was a photo of a guy, who really looked familiar to me. I looked at him closely and I realized he was the same guy, who sang the lead in a band called Sons of Sylvia, who also was the fiddler for Carrie Underwood’s band before.

He’s now going for a solo act. Here’s here latest single from his EP, Greyhound.

The EP features five songs that were amazingly written … and damn catchy!

Well, there’s one article that made it so interesting to know more about this guy. Click Here to read the story from

Here are others I know from surfing the net:


Ashley was the fiddler for a band with his five brothers called Clark Family Experience in 2000. The band had released a self-titled album where a hit song called Meanwhile Back at the Ranch” was also released. The single was the highest selling single in history at that time.

However, due to financial problems that the band was facing. They decided to disband in 2002.


Ashley two of his brothers reunited back in 2007 in a show called The Next Great American Band, which is a spin-off of American Idol, where they were crowned as the champion.

Ashley and Adam also appeared on American Idol to accompany a contestant, Skylar Laine in her performance.


Clark also was one of those people, who accompanied Carrie Underwood in her tours after winning American Idol in 2005. He played the fiddle and provided background vocals in the band.


In 2009, Clark left Underwood’s band and worked with his band, The Clark Brothers with a new name, Sons of Sylvia. The band released an album called Revelation.

He could also be heard in Carrie Underwood’s song, “What Can I Say”which is featured in her Play On album.


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