“Don’t Make a Sound” … THE DESCENT

This movie is just one of my favorites because it has the elements that could really get the viewers want some more of the adrenaline rush to feel when watching it.

It’s really terrifying! It’s 10 out of 10 for Recommendation … 🙂

This follows the story of six women spelunking in a cave to have Sarah get over with the trauma she had a year after the death of her husband and daughter. Trapped in the cave system, they realized that there is a low chance of exiting the cave as they were not alone.

A perfect movie to watch with friends, this would usually let anyone take the chance of talking to the screen telling the characters to avoid making a sound. Pillows and popcorn are perfect companions too!

The descent

There is also a feeling of claustrophobia while watching the movie as you could feel that you are one of the characters in it (well, it depends on the way you are viewing it). As I watched the film with my friends, we were really trying to scream while trying not to in those scenes where normal people could scream their lungs out. Of course, one would not want to let those creepy things hear the scream too!

An unforgettable scene from The Descent. It’s where the real scream-time begins. 🙂

The movie had a sequel that also was as great as the first one. The Descent part 2 or THE DE2CENT is about the rescue team trying to get all the girls back from the cave they got lost in.


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