William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

I really thought that I would not be interested in Shakespeare’s works as they might not be my type. That had come to an end when a playwright gave me a book as a gift for being a part in the playwrights’ workshop. I gave it a try to read some of the scenes in this book. Guess what? I was hooked to it! I thought Shakespeare would just write dramas like the forbidden love story of Romeo and Juliet, but this one had got me even on the first scene. There were witches! Oh … it really gave me a strong reason why I should be reading the book because the prophecies that were told by the witches to the antihero.


There is this excitement every time I open the pages. It took me to the world where you could really feel the coolness in the air, and the warmth of the moments during the fight scenes, especially at the near end part. The emotions really could have someone get stuck into the kind of world Shakespeare created.


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