Five-Day Musical Challenge: Day 4

“13/BECOMING A MAN” – 13

This high-energy song is about Evan Goldman’s experience as he would become a man. He would turn 13 one day in October, but something happened. His mom and dad got divorced and he was forced to go with his mom in a town in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. In this new place, he was not cool like he used to be in New York. So, he had to make things right before his Bar Mitzvah.

The song would have anyone think about themselves when they were thirteen. Well, there might be some of the funniest reminiscences that could have you listen to the song more and just laugh at some of those moments you had back then especially on the second chorus.


I want a dirtbike


I want to kill my ma


I want a mustache


I want a wonderbra

Also, there might still be things you wanted to just look back (if you’re not 13 anymore) and still relate to some words you would hear.

I wanna fly/ wanna run/ wanna drive/ wanna get rich/ wanna get drunk/ wanna get out


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