Five-Day Musical Challenge : Day 1


I chose this song because it’s just one of those powerful solos in the musical. I don’t want to be that much predictable in choosing “Defying Gravity” because lots of people think of it as a good representative from the musical. Yes, it is! My friends would also expect me to choose “What is This Feeling” because I so love that song. Hahaha!

This song has this amazing feeling of longing to be seen like what most people can get. Right here, the protagonist, Elphaba, was told by Madam Morrible that she would arrange a meeting with the Wizard. Elphaba, born with green skin, wanted to meet the wizard and let her be degreenified or at least, accepted in the society that loathes her.

This really has a strong impact on listeners as this focuses on how a person wanted to get out of discrimination.


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